Join the Herbal CSA movement

We're excited to announce the offering of our 2020 Farm Apothecary CSA SHARES. Joining our CSA is a great way to support our small farm and it's work , explore new herbs and herbal medicine, learn about  medicinal plants and how they can benefit your wellbeing, get to know the people who grow and produce your herbs and have the peace of mind knowing just how your herbs were grown. 
New to this? Please continue reading for more information.


What is a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It is a model most often used by vegetable farms: you purchase a share at the beginning of the year and then receive a share of the produce on a regular basisYou share in the same risks and benefits as we do.


What is a Herbal CSA 

 An herbal CSA ( Community Supported Apothecary) is a little bit different in that shares will include not only herbs, but other herbal products (such as herbal tinctures, balms, oils, soaps, vinegar, culinary blends and flower essences) as well. Herbal CSA's provide sustainable, healthy, locally produced plant medicinals that are made with the skill, knowledge, intention, love and magic of your farmer/ herbalist. 


Whats in a Stone House Herb Company LLC Farm Apothecary CSA share?

Each box will contain a newsletter describing the boxes contents, freshly dried herbs harvested at the peak of vitality,(products are made seasonally, and fresh- nothing sitting on a shelf for long periods of time), hand blended specialty teas, spices or symbolic blends, and herbal products made at the farm including tinctures, elixirs, medicinal tea blends, infused healing oils, salves, luscious body care, flower essences, vinegar and more!  (selection will vary and depend on what's growing profusely and beckons with its intent.) Shares are available four times through out the year. Beginning in Summer, just in time for the Solstice and then following the seasons till we arrive at the Spring equinox. 


How do I receive my Farm Apothecary share ?

Pick up is available at the farm or you can choose to have your shares shipped.

How can I pay?

 Just fill out the CSA form, and submit your payment. You may pay using PayPal or mail us a check.



When will the Farm Apothecary CSA start?

 Summer- 6/21/20

 Fall- 9/23/20


 Spring- 3/20/21

The Farm Apothecary CSA makes a wonderful gift for yourself or loved ones. Four times a year with a full share, or twice a year with the half share, you will receive new products to nourish your well being. It is ideal for the herbal enthusiast who would like to learn more about new plants and herbal products, the family building their home apothecary, the herbal student or anyone who would like to use natural healing on a more regular basis.

                                   And all those who support the local, sustainable, small farm model.
































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