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How we do things around here. 

It's not always easy being green, well yes, yes it is. Because we really don't know any other way to be. Sustainable and organic practices are nothing new to us, we've always been organic and believed in sustainability. We've always believed in the value of every life, and truly strive to do no harm. Our farm provides a green haven to all creatures who seek us out, and we have been blessed to witness many wondrous sights. We believe that using organically grown products ensures that you and your family are safe from the dangerous "cides" used in non-organic growing. We never use products that end with "cide", such as pesticides, herbicides or fungicides.

A Living Oasis.


The farm is dedicated to the renewal of a healthy ecosystem.  Located in the midst of large crop production farms, our farm has become a living oasis. Our practices provide shelter, food and suitable breeding area to many species.

What's the got to do with herbs?

Everything!  In our opinion's that's the simple reason we can grow herbs of this quality. This is why our products are so special. They are a harmonic extension of the Earth herself, full of all the goodness that is ours to share. The balance created between the Earth and our farm provides an environment that allows all the best properties of the herbs to shine through. We feel that these practices make our product unique. Our herbs are nurtured in this environment making them some of the very best and most sought out herbals grown.

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